I want to get involved. . . need more details

What can I send you?
See Donate / Materials Needed < • • • click this link

I have personalised stationery – will you accept this?
Yes. Thank you for your generosity.
Please remember that we are unable to return any items we receive and so ask that you are sure about the items you donate to Aloha Box.

Do I need to prep my materials before sending to you?
That would be great! If you are able to sharpen pencils and test that pens work before you post them we would appreciate it.
If you can’t – don’t worry! We’ll quality check every single item before it goes into an Aloha Box.

Are Aloha Boxes recyclable?
Yes, our Aloha Boxes [the cardboard packaging] are recyclable.
They are also a great place for materials to be stored and kept in. But if you don’t want to hold on to them once you’ve completed the activities, they can be popped into the recycling.

Can I donate money to support the project?
Yes! We are running a Crowd Funder to support the project.
Please get in touch if you wish to make a direct donation.

  • £3.10 will pay for someone to send their surplus materials to Aloha Box HQ.
    [Royal Mail – small parcel max 2kg].
  • £15 will pay for 80 Aloha Boxes to be created.
  • £19 will pay for 72 Aloha Boxes to be delivered to a school.
  • £90 will pay for 500 Aloha Boxes to be created.

Postal questions . . .

How much does it cost to send / donate materials to Aloha Box?
Royal Mail pricing in the link below.
We recommend sending parcels in the Large Letters category.
Maximum dimensions for Large letters: Length: 35.3cm Width: 25cm Thickness up to and including: 2.5cm Weight limit: 750g. This currently costs £3.10 with Royal Mail (link below).


Do you offer Freepost?
Currently – No.
However, as our fundraising campaign grows we hope to be able to offer Freepost (paid for postage) to cover the cost of sending items to Aloha Box.
Keep an eye on our social media pages for that announcement!
If you need help covering these costs please email [email protected] and we will try to support you in some way if we have the funds available.

Can I send books to Aloha Project?
Yes! Although books are not art materials, we will liaise with schools and foodbanks (in the school holidays) to send books for distribution alongside Aloha Boxes.
We would love clean sketchbooks, notebooks, colouring books and picture books!
It’s worth remembering that books are generally heavier than art supplies and will cost more to post.

I’ve changed my mind about my donations – can you return them?
Unfortunately due to the volume of materials we’ve had donated to us and the process of sorting the items once they’ve been received we are unable to return any items or materials sent to Aloha Box. Please be certain that you are happy donating your items to this community cause before sending them. 

Can you guarantee everything sent to Aloha Box will be used in Aloha kits?
We will do our best to upcycle and repurpose as much of the donated items as possible.
However if donations are not suitable for use (i.e. empty tubes of paint, or used colouring books) we will not distribute them.
Any items such as large board games or stuffed toys which do not fit in Aloha Boxes will be donated to local charity shops or youth clubs when they reopen. We are committed to sustainability and will do our best to create good-as-new art kits for children in need.

I am a . . .

I am a school – how do I join the project?
Please email [email protected] to arrange a call. We are currently trying to provide as many Aloha Box art kits for children identified as vulnerable and/or receiving free school meals. This will determine the initial number of kits sent to your school for distribution. 

I am a foodbank – how do I join the project?
Send us a note at [email protected] to arrange a call. We are currently trying to provide as many Aloha Box art kits for children identified as vulnerable and/or receiving free school meals. This will determine the initial number of kits sent to your foodbank for distribution during the school holidays. 

I am an artist – How can I join the project?
Drop us a line at [email protected] ! We’d love as many artists and creative minds to join us! We would LOVE your help in designing activity cards, designing the inside of the Aloha Boxes with activities, and generally bringing your ideas on how to get kids loving art!

Big questions

Where is the money raised? How can it be traced?
All funds raised are injected into the Aloha Box to ensure its mission is achieved.
Until our formal registration is complete, the funds will sit in a personal bank account set up for this purpose.
To ensure total transparency, a copy of our accounts are available. This statement document and receipts will be updated monthly.
Anyone wishing to view please email us to request the PDF.

What is a CIC? 
A CIC is a Community Interest Company. We are following the guidelines of a CIC – any money raised and profit generated is guaranteed to be used for the sole aims of the Aloha Box project. No one volunteering their time to Aloha Project will be paid a salary.
We are committed to supplying art kits to as many vulnerable children as possible.

Why are you not a Charity?
We are hoping to transform into a registered charity, but the process requires considerable funding and can take a long and unpredictable time to complete and we are keen to support our nationwide community with immediate effect.
Our first step is to run the project as a pilot to prove the concept works.

How do you follow safeguarding laws?
The identification of, and distribution of Aloha Boxes to recipients is carried out by schools and foodbanks (in the school holidays). This is to protect the identity of vulnerable children. 

Aloha Box sends batches of kits to each school signed up, the school then manages distribution.

Aloha Box will never request any details or sensitive information about any child, or recipient of an Aloha Box.