What is Aloha?

The Aloha Box is a symbol of community spirit.

the Shaka

The hand-sign the shaka is a symbol which stems from Hawaiian surf culture and is recognised around the world. The shaka symbolises compassion, solidarity, respect and friendship.
These are the core values of the Aloha Box project.

the Aloha

Aloha is a word from the Hawaiian language used for greeting someone and saying goodbye. There is a deeper meaning to Aloha, the word also means peace, compassion, kindness and community.

When you consider the different parts of Hawaiian language that make up the word aloha, the meaning shows itself :
“Alo,” meaning “presence”
“oha,” meaning “to receive friendship”
“ha,” meaning “life” or “breath”

By donating in whatever way you can to the Aloha Box campaign, you’re showing compassion and sending kindess, sharing solidarity, and strengthening the communities we live in.