Aloha Box

Sustainable, Community Art for All


Share art materials you've never used or no longer need, instead of throwing away. Recycle these items by sending them to Aloha Box.


We'll repurpose and send to children in need of our support. 4.1 million children live in poverty in the UK
We care about the lives of vulnerable children and want to support them.


Access to creative materials is a child's right and crucial for development – help us provide art and creative play materials by supporting Aloha Box.

How does it work?

We’re about sustainability, community, kindness and creativity. Here are the 4 steps to bringing an Aloha Box and these values to life.


If you’ve had a spring clean, or perhaps recently found some arts materials you no longer need – don’t throw them away!


We thoroughly clean every item recieved and give it a new lease of life, ready to be sorted and sent to a new home in an Aloha Box.


Pop your materials in an envelope or box and send what you can to Aloha Box! You’ll be recycling and helping the planet out too!


We work with schools to identify the number of Aloha Boxes they think would have genuine impact and are required by children in need.

A few things we care about

There are several forces driving the Aloha Box team and their mission to secure access to creative materials for children living in poverty.

Supporting Cognitive Development

Engaging in arts and creative activities is a key type of play. This free play is so important for childhood development; engaging social skills, visual processing as well as providing a stress-relieving outlet. We cannot underestimate the importance of these activities. Read more here! 

Supporting Fine Motor Skills

Whilst it might not seem like a big deal, developing gross motor skills is really important for children. At school these are reinforced all the time in activities such drawing a picture or writing your name – practising has an impact on the brain and the skills strengthen and develop. Aloha Boxes provide motor skill support.

UN Convention of the Rights of the Child

The Aloha Box seeks to uphold the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, specifically Article 31; every child has the the right to rest, relax, play and to take part in creative and cultural activities.

4.1 million children are living in poverty in the UK. This means they may experience material deprivation preventing them from taking part in creative activities. We explore and define these terms here.

Supporting Imaginations

With a crayon in your hand there is no end to the lands that can be drawn, inventions brought to life, wild creatures to be born – there are an infinite number of creations that are possible with our imaginations.




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